We developed high quality products and services to meet the important goals.

1. Research and Development

  • Research and develop products that meet the need of our customers.
  • Innovation with functionality, safety and productivity.

2. Production

  • Control every step of our production process from selected raw materials to finished products according to standard, and accessibility to trace back our production.
  • Flexible production program, close monitoring through our system with the assurance of fastest possible order fulfillment.
  • Make specific adhesives to customers’ needs and assist specifying the appropriate properties, raw material screening, quality control programs and packaging.
  • Improve product environment to satisfy customers’ requirements.

3. Quality control

  • Stable products supply through advanced and closely monitored quality control.

4. Logistics

  • Efficient arrangement with on time delivery.

5. Sales

  • Follow up after sales and services including technical consultation to our customers.