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Grafted adhesive with high bonding strength. Suitable for bonding PU, PVC, synthetic leather, rubber and more.



Non-flammable when dried and high heat resistance contact adhesive suitable for a variety of construction materials such as wood, formica, foam, rubber, leather and more.



Non-flammable when dried and high heat resistance adhesive suitable for bonding sponge, cloth, carpet and more, specifically in the automobile industry.


Bond Seal 99 Insulation Adhesive

High bonding strength and high heat resistant adhesive for closed cell insulation. Non-flammable when dried.

Low VOC.


UPVC & PVC Pipe Adhesive

Easy to use, fast drying, and strong bonding strength adhesive for UPVC and PVC pipe.


BT-55 Canvas Adhesive

High heat resistance and good hydrolysis resistance adhesive for PVC, fabric and more for canvas industry.


Furniture & Mattress Adhesive

No-odor solvent based adhesive and water based adhesive for furniture and mattresses.


Plaswood & PVC Adhesive

High quality adhesive for lamination or spray application for plaswood and PVC materials.

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Conveyor Belt Adhesive

Adhesive for every type of conveyor belts. Mix 5% of hardener before use. High adhesion strength and heat resistance.


BT-649 Hardener

Additive to adhesives to improve bonding strength and adhesion. Does not affect the color of adhesive coating during exposure to heat or UV light.

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BT-333 Glue Remover

Excellent glue remover for all type of surfaces without doing any harm to the surface.

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Eco Clean: Multi Purpose Cleaner

Multi purpose cleaning spray to remove grease and grime. Made from organic compounds and environmental friendly. Natural and safe for users.

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Multipurpose Cleaner

Gets rid of stains on seats, clothing, leather, terrazzo floor, equipment and more. Removes oil sticker, asphalt stains and more. Clean and easy!

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Wallpaper Glue 

Ready-to-use wallpaper adhesive. Non-toxic and safe. Protects against bacteria and fungus. 


BT-11 Vinyl Adhesive

High strength, flexible and heat resistant adhesive for various vinyl applications such as advertisements.

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Vinyl Solvent

Solvent for decreasing the viscosity of Vinyl Adhesive. 


Inflatable Boat Adhesive

Adhesive for inflatable boat, PVC, Hypalon, Plastic and Nylon. To be used with hardener.


Cleaner for PVC, Hyphalon

For cleaning surfaces of PVC and Hyphalon.


PVC, UPVC Pipe Adhesive

High strength for PVC and UPVC piping. Able to withstand high pressure.


LDPE Adhesive

Adhesive for LDPE materials.

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Adhesive Solvent

For lowering adhesive's viscosity to make it easier to use.


Furniture Spray Adhesive

Spray adhesive for furniture. Only need to spray on one side. Incredibly easy to use, no odor, strong bonding strength.

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Sticker Adhesive

High bonding strength adhesive for stickers. Does not peel and does not damage the surface material.


Cleaner for Silicone

Easy to use silicone glue remover.

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